FCBD CT paves the way for FanCon : CT Comic Con       


Artist Alley.


Lynton Levengood illustration in collaboration with Friedl Jooste are proud to announce the launch of their epic fantasy comic "Draconis". Mankind and Dragons have been at war for centuries ,until a grave new enemy threatens the very existence of both. Come pick up a copy!  Lynton will also be representing his blog " The Modern Dragon" where he explores the lives and behaviours of the worlds remaining dragons. Prints and other merchandise will be on sale. Look forward to seeing you there!    

KAOS PRODUKTION STUDIOSJarred Cramer is back to Juvify ! Head on over to Jarred's table to get caricaturised in his cartoon style of drawing."   
Also for Sale Super-Dud #1

Shameema Dharsey's stand will offer a quirky and colourful assortment of art and comics for sale and FREE LOLLIPOPS!
Launching And Life Goes On - A lady and her cats experience life and try their best to live in the meow. Also available The Cat Lady - a simple story of a lady and her cats.

kEda Gomes is a freelance illustrator, formally trained as a Fine Artist and founder of ARTfarm. Better known by the online name Reckless-Buddah, her work reflects the darker corners of the mind with quirky, odd or fun twists. Although her illustrations are what she is most known for, her odd self-published zines have their own following for their offbeat unusual subject matter. Having recently dabbled in the realm of comics with Creamy Cheese Ninjas 1, kEda proves she is not shy with new media and also enjoys other platforms such as toys, skate decks and apparel.  

Free Beer is an anthology based comic slapped together by a couple of mates every now and again. Free Beer was born in Durban but raised in Cape Town. Black & white throughout. Usually 36 pages and quite cheap. We believe in bang for your buck! Writer and artist - Warren Raysdorf   

Pete Woo launches the Monkeys in Your Face preview booklet ! Also available Pete Woo Sketches and Doodles 2014 along with posters , stickers and cards. Pete will also be doing digital caricatures from photos   

Crimson #3 launches ! The third issue of a sci-fi, action series, started in 2013. Tayen Nishida, moonlights as a transporter for the right price. Her latest job  will take  more than she bargained for, putting her at odds with the law, the city and the criminals in New Haven City. Written and illustrated by Alastair Brauns.
Crimson #1 and #2 available as well as posters, fan art and live sketches for sale !

Set in a post-global-warming, dystopian future South Africa, Cottonstar is a fantasy adventure webcomic by Ben Geldenhuys & Danelle Malan. The artists will be launching the printed edition of Cottonstar Chapter 4 at Free Comic Book Day 2015, and will also be selling prints, fridge magnets and other merchandise. Be sure to get yours before they're all gone!  


Rebel Monkey - Paintings of anime characters, comic characters, game characters and more. Personalised commissions also done.   


Working both traditionally and digitally, Jordan Eardley tends to walk on the weird side with her bizarre illustrations of make-believe creatures. Her pens are her best friends and “What is that??” is the most common response to her quirky creations. When she isn’t drawing imaginary beings, you can usually find Jordan drawing cats… lots of cats. At FCBD 2015 there will be a variety of art prints available as well as posters and some smaller items.  


Sophie the Giantslayer returns to Free Comic Book Day, launching the new second chapter, as we set out with our hero on her journey to rid the world of giants monsters and titans of every ilk. Sophie the Giantslayer Chapter 2: Deep Waters takes Sophie to the middle of the ocean to battle her way through storms, boredom, tentacled monsters, and that deadliest of opponents: rescuers.
Writer and artist - Kay Carmichael


Shundeez  "I love toys and I love telling a story. Toy photography is a passion and an excuse for me to play again."
Unique prints of toy photography.

Milo Wildcat Illustration - After many years of artistic hibernation, a wild cat emerges into the world of the living…
Her friends call her Milo, but she also goes by the name Danielle Albertyn. Gamer, geek, designer, artist and grumpy without morning coffee. Stop on by and pick up some limited edition prints, button badges, magnets and other goodies! Some geeky, some dark and maybe something in between... 

Velocity is the only South African and Australian Fantasy & Sci-Fi Anthology. Since 2011 Velocity has been promoting SA and Australian artists through the publication and delivering an entertaining annual to boot. 2013 and 2014 also saw Velocity lead panels at San Diego Comic Con, introducing the american public to SA books.
This year Velocity is rebranding and doing focussed themed books, in a smaller and different-sized format. Velocity Macabre (also known as Velocity 5.1) will be the first book launched in 2015 and will explore supernatural and horror themes.

Greasy Monkey - Original art for sale by Illustrator Shaamiel Harris as well as live drawing on the day.  





Kollektivo Illuminoso Fresco (KIF) was founded by a group of young artists from Young in Prison South Africa’s post release programme. Since forming the artists collective at the beginning of 2014, KIF have created 2 comic books which include stories that reflect the circumstances that they live in as well as their personal experiences. They are currently working on the third issue.
They have also been creating art works derived from the comics as well as stickers and t-shirts that will also be on sale.

The Order Blu: Prophecy is available in a 30-page black and white edition as well as 40-page extended colour edition. Written and Illustrated by Nadine Moolman.
Set a thousand years into the future, society has become almost too perfect. Nekauba, a cursed immortal who has wandered the Earth since the Great Pyramids of Egypt were being built, feels that the world was a perfectly human place when it was still imperfect. He will do anything and everything to return the world to chaos, as it was before. Follow Nekauba and his devious little plan in this 30-page one shot futuristic drama, and change the world, forever more. 


UO Comics is home to the science fiction comic world created by South African comic artist and illustrator, Deon de Lange. UO Comics stands for "Unknown Origins Comics", after the imprint's flagship comic book, Unknown Origins which Deon is currently working on.
Gofu is UO Comics's first comic book to be self-published by Deon de Lange and tells the story of a culture that has been wiped out by greed and corruption. Hunted to extinction, the last Gofu must flee with his only friend, Tatsu, and find a new home. Parts 1 and 2 of the six part mini-series are available and part 3 is coming very soon!
Tomica  issue #2 launches ! - Tomica is an action-packed sci-fi adventure written by David Covas Lourenco and illustrated by Deon de Lange that follows the exploits of Tomica Twim, a daring rogue with a tragic past, and his mentor, Professor Ceres Twim. Together they studied the secrets of their space-faring ancestors, but they soon find themselves in a universe of trouble and entangled in the dark underworld of tech raiding as they search for THE NEXUS APPARATUS!
Unknown Origins is an epic science fiction comic, currently in development by Deon de Lange.  


Baku and The Demon Wielder is a work in progress manga style comic, about a mischievous orphan boy who attracts the interest of a Demon aka Earth Gazer called Baku. They eventually develop a strong yet forbidden bond which evidently disrupts the balance and attracts forces beyond comprehension... Dam Dam daah:)
Writer and artist - Santosh Moses


PIGEON CITY - A story about 3 pigeons hustlers trying to make a name for themselves in a city that is run by various gangs of city animals, showcasing stereotypical social commentary of a corrupt city life, everything from Italian pigeon gangs, falcon/eagle cops, Irish squirrel gangs, Rasta crows, Russian albatross mobsters, Yakuza rats and so on, all living and dealing in a ‘GTA’ like setting with hilarious consequences. Writer Greig Cameron and artist John Amos   

Vincent Sammy launches Echo Gear #2, copies of issue #1 as well as the Passport will be on sale.
ECHO GEAR is a "hybrid codex", a mash up of imagery, text, sequential art, editorial and advertorial nodes. A story told in codes, puzzles, wordplay and cross referenced archaic media.

THE LIL' FIVE - SA's first adventure graphic novel series by creative group 'They Did This!' returns to Free Comic Book Day! The Lil' Five series follows the adventures of Leo, Rox, Kitty, Hoofer and Ellie as they track down the five Animal Idols... keys to unlock an untold pirate treasure! 
Copies of Book 1 and 2; The Lil' Five and the Secret of the Black Cave and The Lil' Five and the Journal of Lightning Jack; will be available. 


WEEK DAZE - Andrew Cramer will be at FCBD with copies of Volume 1 of his online web comic.
Week Daze follows the week to week exploits of Johnson Jones and his fellow friends and workmates at multi-media company Swindle Studios (run by their shallow boss who stops at nothing to exploit his workforce.) The characters include pop culture fanatics, a homicidal pet cat, a curmudgeony Metal Head and the typical boss everyone hates...


Valentina Phillips (also known as Veelocity) is a Cape Town based Storyboarder and concept artist with an obsession for sweets and cute things.
From fantasy beauties to monstrous beasties, her work will be available as limited edition prints at FCBD 2015

The Souvenir - A re-imagining of a classic tale from the folklore of the Cape of Good Hope. Writer Jayson Geland and artist Daniel Hugo.
Prints by Daniel Hugo will also be on sale.  


Roberto Millan is a freelance visual narrative and communications designer whose work experience varies from digital colouring projects for master cartoonist, Zapiro, and other commercial comic book studios. He has also worked as a published political cartoonist for online newspapers such as GroundUp and a comic strip artist for The Pink Tongue newspaper where he created the first published LGBTIA strip, Squeers, once every month. Roberto's work includes pedagogical illustrative content, safety comic books for semi-literate audiences and editorial oversight on graphic literature and comic book anthologies including Graflit: Graveyard Literature.  He teaches various workshops in conjunction with Su Opperman, including the popular How to Draw Your Own Superhero, which featured at the Open Book Comics Fest 2014. Roberto currently self-publishes under his company name, Toonshini Wami. Come along on FCBD to purchase the Squeers and Lwazi comic book anthologies, as well as prints, postcards & stickers.   


Mister Cat Illustrations will be selling the first chapter in a series called Monster Hunters as well as other content and promotional material for their ongoing web comic. Gabriel Metcalfe launches the first print edition of Monster Hunters - an action-packed story that revolves around two anthropomorphic characters named Daiki and Kenji. The story follows them as they get hired by the empire of Stalt to neutralize a growing problem in one of there border provinces. As the story progresses, it would seem Daiki and Kenji have their own motives for taking on this dangerous task.   


Set on a contemporary South African backdrop, Kwezi is a 19 year old boy that discovers he has superpowers, and so the journey towards his purpose begins...
Loyiso Mkize and team offers the latest issue from the Kwezi comic series !


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